6 Arguments for Attending Networking Events

You’d be surprised to know that 40% of people out there attend networking events. Do you find yourself with the remaining 60% of the population? You either don’t find the time or don’t see how you would benefit from going to a social or networking event?

Well, we’re here to convince you otherwise. There is a lot to be gained from attending these events. Not only are you able to enhance and grow your business, but you also develop bonds with peers and clients alike. Let’s take a look at our six top reasons why you should attend a networking event.

1. You Get to Rub Shoulders with Big Wigs

Attending a social or networking event will allow you to rub shoulders with key influencers in your industry. These people can become mentors who will add value to your own business by sharing their own insights and experiences.

While you won’t necessarily meet a key influencer, attending an event will allow you to have a discussion with them in a professional environment.

2. You’ll be More Motivated

Trust us, after any networking event you are bound to be geared to performing and pulling out all the stops. At these events, like-minded people get to share their own experiences and ideas or even their take on the latest trends.

By attending a networking event you will be able to tap into this positivity and leave the venue bursting with ideas and motivation.

3. You Get to Socialise

It’s not all business, which is fantastic! Running your own business or working towards becoming your boss takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We doubt you have a lot of time for yourself, to relax and socialise.

By attending a networking event you will be able to converse with like-minded people casually. Networking events enable you to build your career while taking a break from it.

4. You Will Build Meaningful Relationships

While attending a networking event can be intimidating, it is key to build and nurture meaningful relationships with prospective business partners or clients. It is the ideal social setting where you can discuss anything related to your industry.

By attending these events regularly, and keeping in touch with your new network of connections, you’ll soon have a great network you can rely on.

5. You’ll Be in The Loop

One of the most important features of networking events is the fact that all the latest developments and trends regarding your specific industry will (at some point) be discussed. This allows you to stay in touch with the outside world and be on top of things.

Being in the loop of business trends and developments gives you insights into better planning, management and revenue.

6. You’ll be Inspired

And last but not the least, attending a networking event will leave you inspired. Whether you got to discuss a business growing pain with a key influencer, or connect with a like-minded individual who offered a solution to one of your difficulties, you will be inspired.

Attending networking events is kind of like a learning experience. Key note speakers will share their own experiences while attendees get to soak up all the wisdom.

So, you see, you can only benefit from attending a networking event! What’s holding you back? Be sure to check our resources page for exciting networking groups out there.