Try Any of Our 6 Innovative Solutions for Networking While on the Go

Are you a bit of a jet setter with minimal time to network? Are you constantly in strenuous corporate meetings without an opportunity to grow your list of connections? If so, you are not alone. A lot of people find it difficult to connect and mingle while building meaningful partnerships with a hectic schedule.

In this post, we’ll provide our top six tips for networking while you are traveling. Be sure to make notes as these are golden!

1. Marriott Six Degrees

This concept transforms any Marriott lobby into your handy networking hub. Marriott partnered up with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and together they developed this savvy app that will link all guests via LinkedIn based on their interests and backgrounds. Guests can easily opt-in to be part of the six degrees community and have information at the ready regarding any relevant events.

2. KLM Meet and Seat

This fantastic initiative by KLM allows passengers to opt-in for this service and make their professional profiles available for fellow passengers. You are also then able to view other passengers’ information before your flight. This will allow you to meet any prospective clients or partners while on your way to your next meeting. Simply use the tool on KLMs website to opt-in and share your profile!

3. Grand City Hotel

Even though this initiative is only available to those staying in Grand City Hotels (GCH) based in Germany or the Netherlands, it’s still a pretty neat concept. GCH offers guests the option to download their MeetMeIn application which allows you to connect with other guests staying in the same hotel. You’ll also gain access to information about upcoming events and networking opportunities.

4. Seat to Seat Delivery with Virgin America

Even though the media has marked this snazzy feature as an ideal flirting mechanism, there are more efficient ways to use it. Virgin America launched their Seat to Seat delivery and chat initiative in 2013, allowing passengers to connect via the new and improved entertainment system. You can easily identify passengers and connect with them, or, if you like, buy them a drink to break the ice!

5. Marriott Residence Inn Mix

For those who have to stay a bit longer at a specific destination, better opt for booking a room at a Residence Inn! The chain of hotels offers travellers unique opportunities to connect and mingle with fellow professionals. Amongst other things, hotel dwellers are treated to movie nights, social gatherings with snacks and drinks, and much more during their stay.

6. InterNations

InterNations caters for expats who live abroad. Now, before you think this is not ideal for you, think again. Especially if you return to a specific location repeatedly. Joining this online networking platform will allow you to connect with travellers and professionals alike. Whether you are keen to join an event or a gathering, you’ll be able to build that network without breaking a sweat!

There you have it! No longer are you limited to the little time you have to network and connect with peers or prospective clients, you can now do it while on the go.