Is your marketing not delivering any real results? Are you finding difficulty reaching the right audience? Why not team up with Global IP Exchange and reach your ideal customer effortlessly. Our team of professionals will gladly assist in creating click-worthy, attention-grabbing ads that will grow your business.

Contact our office today for more information or a personalised quotation on your advertising needs. We offer the following expert advertising options:


If you have a product to sell, let one of our expert writers write an in-depth review. We first need to try and test the product first. Once we have done so, we’ll write our review and send through to you for approval.

Banner Ads

If you need some space to have your product or service or event displayed, you should contact our office today. We can design a banner ad in-house, or you can supply it. Whatever your needs, we’ll come up with an execution plan that delivers results.

Display Ads

Trust our team of experienced advertisers to create an effective display ad for you. Your ad will have a home on our blog for as long as you require it to be. Talk to one of our team members to find out about rates and decide whether you want to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

No matter what your advertising needs, we’ll be able to get your company in front of our established audience in a heartbeat! We look forward to working with you.